Re: Monuments of other players

Technically yes and no.

The "owner' or "developer" can go into the database and set the support points manually for any claim on the server.

However last time I checked, a GM cannot access a monument from a claim in which they are not a part of.
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Re: Monuments of other players

GM cannot access a monument unless built by that player the monument ties to the account ID in the database,

What can be done is, anyone with database access can look up the guild name and then on the guild tab in the database find the guild id once the guild id is found you go to guild_lands once there you can then see the support points on the monument

Second image

Yellow is the data table "guild tab" Red is guild id

First image

Yellow is Guild lands Green is where you match the Guild ID Red is the support points.. any amount can be added after completing restart the server.


~Howard 'HINC'
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