FeudalTools - Nitrado setup

Dear folk,

I tried setting up my FeudalTools on my nitrado server to no avail.

On nitrado: I opened my file browser and went to config_local.cs. I stumbled across 4 values. "Server =", "User =", "Password=", "BindAddress=" followed by details/login. (see attachment, I've hidden the details for security reasons). I used these to fill in 4/5 options on Feudaltools in order to connect it with the nitrado server I've rented.
Gameserver Address : My server IP
Database Address: "BindAddress="
Database Name: lif_1 (i think is correct?)
Database User: "User="
Database Password: "Password="

I tried lif_1 as databasename which results into "Couldn't connect to MariaDB Database life_1 on BindAddress= (3306)".

Do I need to download MariaDB (I am not familiar with it). I rented a server, expecting it would automatically connect with feudaltools without any extra's.

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Re: FeudalTools - Nitrado setup

Nyuton wrote: 29 Nov 2021, 20:12 there's a guide for Nitrado servers on Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/ ... 2061997277
Thanks a lot! I've managed to set up the database connection. Currently trying out the terrain editor. Came to the point that I have to download and unpack the server terrain files: "Download the Server Terrain Files for Custom Maps and extract the contents of the zip archive into the LiF:YO server directory. Overwrite existing files."

My apologies but what location/path is the file meant to be unpacked to/ where do I "find LiF:YO server directory". Is it in the game folder (in my case external SSD) or in the nitrado settings?