Current issues with SteamCM causing issues with Feudal Tools?

Ever since yesterdays network issues, i've noticed that the Server is stuck in "Server is offline or private" despite the Live Map heart beat continuing to fire and RCON working.

I'm asking if Feudal tools relies on SteamCM working properly to validate the server status because I'm also having an issue where the LIF server count on my pc is 284 vs 316 on the same steam login on another pc, and my server is missing/notresponding on PC1, while being present and responding on PC2 (Server Client is on PC3 and by all intents registered and working within the steam api), all 3 are behind the same router, on the same isp and have had no issues connecting till the last couple of days.

To be clear, Direct IP Connect works on PC1, its just steam/feudal tools being a flaff.