New server!!! Roseland - Pioneers PVE

New PVE server!!: Roseland -Pioneers

Roseland- Pioneers is a brand new easy going, chill out PVE server.

Our friendly server offers:

A starter kit! This includes a free Horse/Moose and cart if requested.
Trading post.
Fast actions.
Campfire Mod
6K Horse Cart
Jorvik Mod
Guild Gui Mod
Short Winters
Helpful GM's
A small friendly and growing community

To come shortly:

Lower durability cost to buildings
More Buildings to Bind to
Gatherable Yeild increased

Our main server stats are as follows:

- Skillcap: 3000/3000/3000
- Skills Multiplier 50
- Crafting Period 35
- Animal Breeding Period 115
- Decay rate 0
- Day Cycle 4.5
- No Judgement Hour
-Terraforming speed 5

We are looking for easy going players that will fit in well with our small, growing community.
To find out more visit us on discord:

Our livemap: