Purpose and rules of the FeudalTools Forums

Welcome to the FeudalTools Forums

I set up this forum for mainly two reasons:
  • I get many questions and messages about FeudalTools and Livemaps, all spread across email, social media and the comment section of my blog. Often times it's quite repetitive, so I decided to create this place to have all Q&A, issues and discussion about FeudalTools and Livemaps in one place and build up some kind of knowledge base over time.
  • Resources and useful information for LiF:YO Server owners are scattered all over the internet. Most active LiF:YO related forums focus on the regular players and their issues with the game. I'd like to have this forum dedicated to people who run YO servers (or plan to do so) as a valuable source of information.

Forum Rules:
  • Do not post any abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, sexually-orientated or any other material that may violate the laws of your country, the country where “FeudalTools Forums” is hosted or International Law.
  • Forum language is English only. Do not post in other languages. Posts in other languages will be deleted without further warnings and commentary.
  • Don't post personal/private information. Any discussion regarding premium payments and paypal, please use private message or e-mail.
  • Do not spam.

  • Please find descriptive and search-friendly titles for your topics. Titles like 'help', 'error' or 'problem' aren't helpful at all.
  • If you are facing a technical problem, include as much information and detail as you can. What is the problem, what is the exact error message you get, what have you tried to solve it, have you implemented any changes before it started. Include logfiles and screenshots if possible. Lazy posts have a high chance to remain unanswered.
  • If you need to insert contents of scripts, cs files or database queries, please use the [ code ] tags to preserve formatting and readability.

This forum supports social login via Steam, Discord and Facebook. If you don't like these, you can of course still create an account the classic way via registration form.

Update 03/2019
Due to all the spam that I have to delete every day, moderation queue for the first post of every account has been activated. The first post of every user must be approved before it appears.