Newbie Trying to Install Live Map

I have a question regarding the files that Im to upload to my webserver in order to add Livemap functionality to our server.
I think I want to use the hosted version, as it seem less difficult. But Im not seeing a livemap script file on the fuedal tools Tools and Scripts page am I looking in the wrong place?

Thank You

Am I meant to just drop the files from the live map download into my main server folder?
Also, the config file calls my LIF database Lif_1, but ours is called lif_2, should I alter that as well?

Re: Newbie Trying to Install Live Map

Thank you very much!
I was able to get our Live map up and running. As well as replace the default map with our custom map.
I would like to add the TTmod at this time as it is recommended in order to make the most of the Live map.

Looking at the direction it says to unpack the files into my Lif:yo server directory. Im assuming that this is the main folder that my FTP opens up into. But I want to be sure before Itry this.

Also it say Im to make changed to the TTmod/config.cs file if needed. I understand what the message of the day does. But im unclear on what the Rcon interval does exactly. And was hoping that you might provide me with a bit more detail.

Thank You

Re: Newbie Trying to Install Live Map

Thank you so much.
I uploaded the files and configured my config.cs to display a simple message of the day.
As well as enableplayers on the server to use the ctrl+G to access/manage their guilds in game.

Now I am hope to set up some of the Callbacks. Specifically I'd like it to show when a player enters and leaves the server.
You show us what to enter in order to do this in your directions.
But I am unclear of where to enter this information.
Im thinking that I enter them into the console? Or do I need to add it to my Comfig.cs file somewhere?
Thank You

Re: Newbie Trying to Install Live Map

Thank you so much.
I havent been able to get the TTMod to function as of yet.
But I think thats because I tried to upload the files directly to the main folder. Which didnt work.
I then created a new folder called TTMod and uploaded the mod files into this folder.
(Which is what I think Iwas meant to do initiaily?) But I wont know if its working until restart.
As for making scripts. Ive never done anything like that, but Im going to try :)

Thank you!

Re: Newbie Trying to Install Live Map

If you want to host the livemap on your own webserver, please use google for tutorials. The minimum requirements listed on the livemap download page clearly state that you need a webserver and basic knowledge about this topic.

If you just need a basic livemap for your gameserver, please consider using a hosted one which can be created with a couple of clicks from the Server Manager.