Blocked Livemap


First of all, sorry for my bad English but I am French.

The livemap of my LiF server has a problem. The page loads continuously into the void, and even sometimes this brings me to a page with an error message: "Livemap not found." ...
I had never had problem with this site before. This happened after I disabled the hosted livemap and enabled.
When I inspect the code of the page ( ), the console indicates errors.

Re: Blocked Livemap

it's crashing beacuse you have an outpost in your database which is a castle wall.
Since that's invalid/impossible and there's no translation for a castle wall object, it runs into this error.

I've pushed a fix for this to ignore invalid outpost objects, which will be included with the next update.
In the meantime you need to find and clear the falsy outpost record in your database, or disable outpost display on the livemap via options.