White icons in Internet Explorer

some of our team insist on using Internet Explorer for the livemap, but there is some glitch with the icons in the tooltip windows. They're always white, very hard to see on the bright background. I noticed in all other browsers they are usually black and they switch to white only when the dark or the red tooltip theme is used. However this does not seem to work in Internet Explorer. Is there any way to fix this? I like the default colors, don't wanna switch to black theme :D


Edit: It's a very generic issue, but here's the info if you need:
Are you using a hosted livemap on FeudalTools or did you download the map script from nyuton.net and host it on your own webserver?
hosting ourselves
If hosting yourself, did you make changes to the script or layout files, apart from config.php?
If hosting yourself, what livemap verson are you running?
Is the server-mod (TTmod) installed on your gameserver?
Include a link to your map, unless it's supposed to be private.
private, for our GM only, but I can PM you if required
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