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Re: Map reset all settings

I have no idea, just when "guildmanager" is on, its happens. Sometime when players trying to set some privileges or standings, map have crash. If update.php not deleted map resets all settings. At this moment i put all my option through the update.php, but this is not i solution. I will try to fount...

Re: Map reset all settings

When players edit the guild through an online map, the map tries to use update.php if the map does not find it, map stops working completely. When I return the include/update.php map have install again and reset all settings.
This problem become from 2.7.1.
Before i used 2.6.3. all works fine.

Map reset all settings

I got a problem with a live map. When I trying to edit a guild on the map, the map stops working if I remove the update.php If I return it, the card resets all settings. The map is on the hosting.
Thank you.

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