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Money Disappears!

Hi there! I've had a couple of reports of people making transactions with the trading post and their money disappears when doing crown sales. Is this a known bug and is there a fix for this?

New Server -Roseland- The Urn

The Urn is a hostile world, and now steps into a dark age. people from all the continents are fleeing into the Tattered shores, a belt of islands in the Western seas. You are now making your way to Roseland, one of these islands to forge a new destiny for your self. Will you be a friend or foe in th...

Re: Image Exporter keeps crashing.

Hi there I just re-ran the job as I deleted the log etc. this time the job ID is 52077 2020-07-25 18:39:01 | Connecting to database (lif_10) 2020-07-25 18:39:01 | Connection successful 2020-07-25 18:39:01 | Starting map image generation ... 2020-07-25 18:39:02 | Maximum map height...

Image Exporter keeps crashing.

Hi there! I just started a new custom map Island 2.0 listed on feudal tools. I tried to use image exporter as I want to update the live map and use the tile set feature. The image exporter keeps crashing at 48.90% The map I had created has alot of resources, so i'm not sure if this is a factor. Is t...

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